21 / 23 OCTOBER 2022
Notes about sustainability publishing

Throughout this publication, a series of questions are presented to contributors, friends and participants of the fair, who discuss the idea of sustainability in contemporary practices of independent publishing. It also comprises two texts which from Recreo we consider fundamental for this survey. “Towards a Self-Sustaining Publishing Model” by Marc Fischer and “How to prepare for the collapse of the publishing publishing system” by Eric Schierloh.

“Notes on sustainable publishing” is Recreo Art Books’ first publication and is freely downloadable.


Book Book-Shelf

This year’s work at the show was driven by exploring the idea of sustainability. An overall concept that includes meanings such as the sustainability of self-managed projects, the sustainability of local communities and ecological sustainability.

BOOK BOOK-SHELF is a modular furniture system designed exclusively for Recreo 2022 by the Valencian designer Vicent Orts. The commission is based on the premise of taking advantage of materials used –and currently in disuse– during the previous edition of the fair, with the only condition that anyone can self-manufacture any of the designs.

The resulting design arises from the study and experimentation with the books themselves. In this case, its physical properties are used to make constructions. From this exercise, it is concluded that an open book in a vertical position generates three support points, a tripod. This basic balance structure allows a horizontal surface to be placed on it and more books to be stacked, thus generating a modular system from which to draw shelves, seats and book displays.